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How We work - Our Process
Initial Contact -- When you call us, we will briefly discuss your project. Should both parties decide to move forward, we will schedule an on site visit. Please bring any drawings, pictures or other items that will help us to better define your needs.

On Site Visit -- When we visit your home or project site, we will review any drawings, sketches or photos you may have gathered and discuss your needs and agree upon a basic scope of work and budget so that we can prepare your estimate. There is no charge for this visit

The Estimate --If you choose to have us prepare a written estimate ( scope of work ), a non-refundable flat fee will be required. This fee is credited to your account if JVA Construction is hired. Our project estimator will work through the estimating spreadsheets by entering your data. We will not be consulting with any vendors at this point on your behalf. What you will receive is an estimate within 15% up or down, presented to you in the form of a written estimate and Design/Consultation Agreement. Prices will vary according to client selections, material costs and availability.

Design/Pre-construction -- Here is where we start to coordinate your project by conducting site visits with subcontractors, engineers, and other vendors. At the same time as we are getting fixed pricing from them, we will create your conceptual CAD renderings and work with you as you make your product and material selections. We will be doing all the necessary legwork in order to put together a project that can be completed on time and within budget. 

Construction Contract -- After the Design/Estimating phrase, we will provide you with a detailed proposal and a fixed price for your project. Once agreed upon and signed, this proposal becomes the Construction Agreement. Working drawings and engineering services are typically included in the agreement and are performed after it is signed. 

Pre-Construction Meeting -- Before construction begins, you will meet on site with the project coordinator and the lead carpenter to discuss the day-to-day logistics of our working in your home, typically while you live there! Clear channels of communication are established and any unique considerations that we should be aware of are discussed. 

Construction -- Here's where it gets fun! Your hard work during the planning process is complete and now you can sit back and let the project happen. During the construction phase you will work closely with the project manager. In addition, on site meetings are scheduled with all appropriate design and production personnel. Throughout the process you will receive regular updates as each aspect of the job is completed. You will also receive notification of any details that require your attention. Our crew will provide you with smiles, measurable daily progress, and a job site that is as clean and as safe as possible.

Payments -- Payments are made to JVA Construction Services in increments as predetermined in the Construction Contract. These payments are based upon the milestones in the construction project and are often unique to each project.

Change Orders -- Changes are often a part of building or remodeling. In the event of any changes, extras, or unforseen issues, we will determine the cost of the work and proceed only upon a written order so that there are no unexpected charges. 

Final Walk Through and Project Completion -- Your project is complete! As we walk through each area together, we will ask for your honest feedback as to our performance. We will take the time to discuss with you about our individual and team performance. We want to know if we met, exceeded, or fell short of your expectations... and how. This information is valuable to us as we constantly strive to improve. Our customers always give us great ideas!